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ISSN 1851-5649
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Year 2016, N. 18


Shame and self-cutting in adolescence
De Luca, Manuella


Dear Dr. Winnicott…
Marcinavicius, Mabel

This paper focuses on the psychoanalytic treatment of a little girl nicknamed the Piggle, who attended Winnicott´s consulting room “on demand” (her parents´ demand playing an important place in the background). Sessions took place quite set apart & there were plenty of letters written by the parents. Winnicott replied to them.



Video games: ¿a cultural modification of the game or an addictive solution?
Valdés Salas, Eugenia


Mother prematurely
Vanier, Catherine

Although any childbirth can be traumatic, in the case of premature birth, where the baby is caught up between life and death, a trauma is still more likely to occur and can greatly undermine the mother’s ability to invest the baby libidinally.



Oedipus the (un)wanted
Frigerio, Graciela

This essay is about a research project that does not lead us to knowledge or certainty but to the following affirmation: no, we don’t know… But… is this not exactly what Oedipus is all about, what Oedipus allows us to see and to know? Is it not the case…


The anxieties of the debut: the sacred and the profane meanings of the adolescent’s experience
Moguillansky, Carlos

The text describes the role of the sacred in the puberal conflict between the family superego and his inner sexual experience. This conflict is a turning point in the evolvement of the family, where the superego transforms itself along the generations


Interventions with children and teens: a complex clinical work
Rojas, María Cristina


In the fold of madness
Varela, Alejandro



Conversing with Javier Daulte