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ISSN 1851-5649
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Year 2015, Nº 17


The constitution of adolescent subjectivity in the digital age
Lastra, Silvia A. – Saladino, Graciela – Weintraub, Elena


Dossier: Childhood

“I do not like to be another”: the uncanny in children
Denis, Paul


The circle of childhood and the missile frigate
Levín, Raúl E.


On Containing Multiple Injuries and Loss in an Extended, Alternative
Lisman-Pieczanski, Nydia


Building a possible analytical device
Maghid de Ubaldini, Liana

The idea of “ building a dispositive” – the title of this paper- questions the existence of a single dispositive applicable to the various options that the clinical situation raises, even when the rules structuring the analytic situation are maintained….


A story from the story: about birthmarks of Nancy Huston
Marcivanicius, Mabel

This paper analyzes a novel written by Nancy Houston: “Fault lines” ( in Spanish translated as “Birthmarks”). We can find in it, through the narrative of four children belonging to four different generations, how transgenerational transmission operates when a traumatic event is hidden. History, Macrohistory has a place in this transmission….


“Infantile theories on death” (their origin in childhood, and their destiny in adolescence and in adulthood)
Sánchez Grillo, María del R.


Transference and father ‘function
Simeone, Silvia A.

I am presenting clinical material regarding a boy who started his treatment being 4 years old and who comes back to analysis for a second time when he is entering adolescence….


Anna Freud and Melanie Klein: considerations on an interanalytical controversy
Stoloff , Jean-Claude


Opposition and defiance in children: reflections on the vicissitudes of Ego in childhood
Sverdlick, Mara



Body and pathological defenses in adolescence
Nicolò, Anna María


Childhood and Adolescence Department Symposium: Unconscious and Body
Moguillansky, Carlos – Pasqualini , Gerardo