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17. Summary and Keywords


Lastra, Silvia A.
Saladino, Graciela
Weintraub, Elena

-The constitution of adolescent subjectivity in the digital age / Year 2015, Nº17



Denis, Paul

-“I do not like to be another”: the uncanny in children / Year 2015, Nº17

Levín, Raúl E.

-The circle of childhood and the missile frigate / Year 2015, Nº 17

Lisman-Pieczanski, Nydia

-On Containing Multiple Injuries and Loss in an Extended, Alternative Family / Year 2015, Nº 17

Maghid de Ubaldini, Liana

-Building a possible analytical / Year 2015, Nº 17

Marcivanicius, Mabel

-A story from the story: about birthmarks of Nancy Huston / Year 2015, Nº 17

Sánchez Grillo, María del R.

-“Infantile theories on death” (their origin in childhood, and their destiny in adolescence and in adulthood) / Year 2015, Nº 17

Simeone, Silvia A.

-Transference and father ‘function / Year 2015, Nº 17

Stoloff , Jean-Claude

-Anna Freud and Melanie Klein: considerations on an interanalytical / Year 2015, Nº 17

Sverdlick, Mara

-Opposition and defiance in children: reflections on the vicissitudes of Ego in childhood / Year 2015, Nº 17



Nicolò, Anna María

-Body and pathological defenses in adolescence / Year 2015, Nº 17

Moguillansky, Carlos
Pasqualini , Gerardo

-Childhood and Adolescence Department Symposium: Unconscious and Body / Year 2015, Nº 17