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Year 2015, Nº 16


To cut oneself: About the self-harms of the skin
Kuras de Mauer, Susana
May, Noemí

Caught up in a wavering movement between separation anxiety and an expectation of detachment, adolescents submit to the tyranny of their bodies, whose ultimate meaning is unknown to them…



The sphincter conflict and its role in the adolescent subjectivity
Moguillansky, Carlos

The oedipal arousal of puberty poses a double problem: the former, a sexual question, related to the assumption of his genital sex, and the latter, a boundary question, related to the youth’s differentiation from himself and from his parents of childhood….


Is it possible to establish a psychoanalytic psychopathology from childhood?
Schejtman, Clara

This paper deals with the problem of establishing a psychoanalytical psychopathology and diagnosis in childhood. The work articulates a diachronic developmental, an historical perspective and a synchronic perspective focused on the moment of the consultation…


There is no two without three…in the suitable languages
Tesone, Juan Eduardo

Contrary to what was taught to us when we learned to count, to be able to reach the two and afterwards the one, one must first reach the three. In other words, the three comes before the two that in its turn comes before the one. Besides that, this number one isn’t a whole number as it’s the case in mathematics, but a One divided forever…



The three generations in the subjective constitution
Gomel, Silvia

The author develops as central subject the denial of a fact through a transgenerational repetition. She presents the clinical material of a young woman who begins consulting in a state of intense anguish and that in the subsequent interviews tells a story of suicides: that of her mother during her childhood and, more recently, the one of a niece…


Autistic disorders in perceptual faith
Varela, Alejandro

It´s possible to compare the autoeroticism, described by Lacan as the chaos that inhabits the objets petit a before the mirror stage, with the autistic position characterized as an itself at fault.



Interview with Paul Dennis
Dr. Juan Gennaro